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Peppa Pig is a popular kids show about a pig named Peppa and all her animal friends. Peppa Pig was made by Mark Baker. the first episode was aired on may 31 of 2004. Peppa Pig ran for 303 episodes and 6 sesons. Each episode would run for about 5 minutes.

What episodes consist of:

These 5 minute episodes would open up with a catchy theme song and Peppas family introducing themselves. It would begin with some kind of conflict and would end with a soullution or the moral of the story. These conflicts usually involve her brother Gorge or her friends.

China incident:

During a episode of Peppa Pig, a scene was shown of Peppa hanging up on here friend Suzy Sheep. China did not like that this was shown on a episode of Peppa Pig. They said that it was promoting gangster attitude. A few days later Peppa Pig got banned.

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